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Name: F45 Functional Training
Contact: +61 (02) 8006 9599,
Locations: There are 116 locations in Sydney and regional New South Wales.
Membership prices: $65 a week, no join up fee or contract. Most F45 franchises will offer you a free seven-day trial, where you are able to attend unlimited classes.

What they say:
“Be blown away by this innovative, cost effective and incredibly systemised training facility. The workouts are nothing short of insane… 10 completely different systems, changing every single day. At F45, you will never do the same workout twice. F45 is by far the most innovative training system in the world. It has to be experienced, to be believed.”

As far as fitness classes go, you never get a moment to look at the clock at F45 – the trainers keep you switched on the whole time. They change up the individual exercises every day so you don’t get bored or it becomes predictable. Sessions go for 45 minutes each and are focused on high intensity interval training. There are generally nine exercise stations (depending on how many people they have to accommodate that session) and these are divided into three groups (of three exercise stations).
You work at one station for 45 seconds, then have a 15-second break, then you’re off to the next station (in your group of three) for 45 seconds, and so on. Be aware that there is only a 15 second break between each set, which seems like a lot but when you’re panting and trying to smash down water in a short amount of time, you can feel light-headed or slightly nauseas. It can get crowded at times, but the trainers try to adjust the room and exercise stations accordingly. They put effort into learning your name and making you feel comfortable, and there are a large variety of different weights, machines and box-jump sizes for each fitness level. We wouldn’t recommend throwing yourself into F45 if you’re a newbie to exercise (although the trainers will accommodate various fitness levels) because it is intense and you need to have some understanding of weights/exercise forms. Towels and showers aren’t provided at most of the F45s, especially not the Glenhaven location, which we reviewed, but complimentary deodorant and a changing room is available.

Reviewer: Katie Buttress-Grove

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