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Not only does personal trainer Libby Babet run the hugely successful BUF Girls bootcamp on Bondi’s thigh-burning stretch of sand, she’s also the owner of super-slick Bondi gym Agoga, and the co-founder of a range of 100% natural protein bars, called Chief Bars, made right here in Sydney. Oh, and if you haven’t heard yet, Libs will also be joining Shannon Ponton on the next season of The Biggest Loser!

We managed to catch up with the lady herself between workouts to ask her to share her favourite places in and around Bondi.

PORCH-&-PARLOURIn your opinion, what is the best brunch spot in Bondi?
“I’m a brunch-aholic, so it’s really hard for me to choose just one! Honestly, I can’t! For amazing healthy menus, it’s Ruby’s Diner or Three Blue Ducks (both in Bronte), for chilled vibes and an epic breakfast salad it’s The Hill Eatery, for the best views in Bondi it’s Trio Cafe, for the best hidden courtyard it’s MeRe (a shoe store with a cafe out back!), for hipster red you have to check out Porch & Parlour (pictured above) or Lox Stock & Barrel in Bondi, and for in-season organic incredibleness it’s Henley’s Wholefoods at Bondi Junction. But there are also so many more! Ugh! It’s definitely the best meal of the week!”

Bondi IcebergsThe best beach for workouts?
“Bondi. Always Bondi. It’s BUF Girls headquarters and has maximum sand space, and the best active community spirit. It’s a party down there by 5:30am!”

Centennial_Park_Sydney_3What would your favourite running route be?
“Hmm… I’m not really a distance runner, but I LOVE sprint training, so my favourite spots for that are any of the fields at Centennial Park (pictured above), or the track at ES Marks Althetics Field in Kensington.”
Kuringai-National-ParkWhat’s your favourite local spot for swimming?
“I prefer to surf at Bondi! But when the waves are not coming to the party, I love hiking to some of the hidden beaches in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (pictured above).”

Which gym is the best in Bondi?
“Of course, my number 1 is Agoga – we are obsessed with hunting down all the coolest training programs and techniques from the world’s best athletes and bringing them to the space for our crew to try. And we are all about functional movement that promotes longevity of movement, which I think is something not a lot of group training facilities pay much attention to these days.”

Wedding CakeWhen you have a day off, where do you day trip to? “The walk through the Royal National Park to Wedding Cake Rock. (pictured above). Either that or a roadie to the Central Coast for a surf!”

What’s your go-to post-workout smoothie recipe?

“A scoop of chocolate Passion Projects vegan protein powder, water, ice, half a frozen banana and a handful of oats, plus a teaspoon of cinnamon. I always wait about an hour after I train to eat though, I’m not a ‘finish and head straight to the fridge’ kinda girl!”

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