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Hot off the heels of a sold-out Melbourne event, the Wellness Festival is coming to Sydney. Run by the guys at Colour and Coconuts, the festival brings together talks, DJs, wellness markets and a midday workout. To give you the inside word on what happens on the day, we spoke to Lauren Pell, founder of  Colour and Coconuts. She told us to expect…

1. A reason to own a Kikki-K notebook
There’s five big-hitting speakers at the festival, and trust us, you’ll need a brand-spanking new notebook to write down all the inspirational (and practical) things you’ll hear. “You’ll learn how to meditate and master your inner mean girl with Melissa Ambrosini,” explains Lauren. “As well as understand how to balance your hormones and stress with nutritionist Jacquline Alwill, hear how Julie Stevanja built Stylerunner into a global active wear empire, and discover how to finally heal your relationship with food and your body with nutritionist Jessica Sepel.” Don’t forget a pen.

2. To feel insanely jealous of the Base Body Babes
It’s hard not too. They’re amazing – they inspire women all over the world to keep fit and healthy. And with 630k instagram followers, they must be doing something right! Luckily you can learn their secrets in the mid-day workout with them. So bring along some workout gear, take a swig of your water and prepare to sweat.

3. Coconuts, coconuts and more coconuts!
What’s a wellness festival without heathy food? Well, it’s simply not worth worrying about as these guys have brought the best of Sydney’s healthy eating community here to one uber-convenient place. So stock up on all your faves. As Lauren explains, “Think unlimited fresh coconuts, obviously, raw donuts from A Sweet Nourish, Bone Broths from Star Anise Organics, Halloumi Burgers from Vejoes Food Truck, cold-press juices from Impressed, plus lots of raw goodness from The Clean Treats Factory and Loco Love chocolate  – need I say more?!”

4. A bunch of interesting people you might like to be friends with
One thing is certain, where there is exercise and guilt-free treats there’ll definitely be happy people. It’s a fact. And one of the best aspects of this festival is that it’ll attract some pretty awesome Sydneysiders. Maybe you need a fitness buddy? Or maybe you’d love to start a wellness company and need advice? The festival is all about bringing together passionate, wellness-loving souls. “Don’t be shy to network,” says Lauren, “share your ideas and details and maybe event snap a pic with your new friends. Passion breeds more passion and we can’t wait to see you where your ideas take you.”

5. To walk away with armfuls of amazing free stuff
The wellness wonderland doesn’t stop once the day is over. Oh, quite the contrary, my friend. You’ll be walking away with an epic gift bag worth over $150 (or $300 if you have a VIP ticket). What’s in it, we hear you ask? LOTS and LOTS of cool health and wellbeing goodies. Warning: these goodie bags are heavy – so get those biceps ready.

Interested? It’s not too late to grab a ticket, check out all the details here.